Thursday, May 24, 2012

PAP is So Screwed

This By-E is quite horrible. All smears, little style, even less substance, hmm unless substance and style relates to how the PAP tries to undermine WP and, how the WP walked into PAP's traps the past few days.

Firstly, it stinks that the PAP is going on, and on, and on about alleged WP dishonesty over Ah Huat's NCMP jostling. There is nothing dishonest. If there is anything, he is a blur fuck to be caught in this distraction. Is there anything wrong that he is against the NCMP scheme? Does it mean he thinks lesser of Sylvia Lim who took up the NCMP post in 2006? No and no. I hope I don't sound like a prissy girl who presses her thighs close together on a first date.

The NCMP nonsense is just political fart. One should just pinch one's nose, frown and walk quickly away. It bears no real relevance to the Hougang By-E, albeit the Secret Squirrel leak by a disgruntled former or current CEC bloke was quite entertaining for a while. Political fart, unless one is a complete idiot more interested in such bullshit and smears than about covered walkways, LUP, selective intake of foreigners as talent and as scholars blablabla. Read Choo Zheng Xi's TOC article (finally, a TOC article worth reading after all the apologetic WP crap by the WP Internet army during this period). BTW, if one is interested in bullshit politics and rumours, just watch the coming Malaysian elections. Its an art up north ever since they brought in the mattress into court, almost like the smearing in US politics. Or if you can't wait that long for an idiot fix, just read Temasek Times and Temasek Review. Remember, remember, whether Ah Huat's was WP's first or last choice as a NCMP in 2011, whether Ah Huat supports or slams the NCMP system, it does not fucking mean shit except that it is PAP distraction in the style of Gomez in 2006.

Secondly, why did WP go there waiting to be pounced by the PAP. Why? Don't go there, don't bother. WP probably saw that it would be damned if they do, damned if they don't respond to the PAP. If they don't respond, the PAP hounds would yelp and bark that WP is trying to hide by being silent. If they do respond, then, they would be dancing to PAP's tune as PAP would nitpick WP's explanations, finding a strawman here and there.

OK maybe a response was expected as there are lots of dumb Singaporeans who think it is a big deal - the same dumb Singaporeans who think YSL or some PAP ministers fucking around has anything to do with their abilities in office, or think that Nicole Seah is much more than a shallow drama diva. Don't dignify the PAP with such a response by the Sec-Gen. Ok, maybe a response by the Chairman (chairperson, power to feministspeak!) someone high up but not that high. Just smile, move on and focus on whatever humdrum local or highbrow national policy debates you think Hougang voters like to hear. If WP has to resort to such explanations on why how what the WP NCMP selection process is about and blur fuck Ah Huat talking about ballot this and ballot that, it is just wasting speech air time. LTK wasted his Tuesday rally time on this NCMP bullshit. Many, me included, know too well the PAP, jealous of WP's popularity and support in Hougang, is just trying to derail WP's already less-than-smooth rallying so far.

I pity Desmond. Not only is he going to lose, his probably genuine claims of a clean fight is being rubbished as his PAP comrades are dirtying the contest for him - using distraction and insinuations. After TCH moves on come 28 May Monday, Desmond is stuck there in Hougang as he promised to and the residents would blame him for the smears his party carried out in his name.

Well, I was initially confident of Desmond's defeat but surprisingly getting 45-40% of the votes. However, with some PAP members thinking it worthwhile to bring up YSL and now hang the NCMP mess around Ah Huat's neck, the rebel scum at Hougang would again be defiant and vote in spite and resistance in favour of Ah Huat. Nevertheless, there is one day more and the last chance for redemption by the PAP, and for spurting ahead instead of losing ground by the WP before cooling off day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poor Silly Choo, Can Change Carrots Can?

Sad silly Desmond Choo, still talking about promises to upgrade Hougang. The very fact that he keeps talking about Hougang needing upgrading means that Hougang has been neglected for upgrading for a very long time already! Self-pwn!

Just yesterday the WP keep parroting the same boring rallying cry that Hougang is not for sale and Hougang residents cannot be bought. Yes, since the more PAP threatenedHougang, the more Hougang resisted and voted for WP instead. They would even vote for Ah Huat, HUAT AH, who does not seem like a strong performer. If he goes to parliament, he sure gets eaten alive as he is not witty like Low Thia Khiang, brains like Sylvia Lim or Chen Show Mao, or articulate like Pritam Singh. But he represents WP and if WP picked him, that means he is OK? OK.

Choo still has not realised that he needs to change tactics. Or maybe he has but people like PM or other old timers like that Rear Admiral told him to play tough, not to act soft like the porridge he is giving out, apparently the Hokkien porridge and not the Teochew muei according to the WP Internet Brigade.

Choo, Choo, tsk tsk, please don't always talk about upgrading and hard concrete and metal facilities for Hougang. It is the soft services that Hougang people can be bought over. Free legal clinic is actually an excellent idea as a start. Free TCM. Free tuition for underprivileged children, although other loyal PAP wards would rightly complain that rebel Hougang got these goodies first instead of them! These are PAP services, not HDB so these types of pork-barrel politics are easier to package and sell. Did you and your PAP grassroots listen to the people when you do your market walks or house visits? Probably not. The PAP just talks, hears but does not discuss, listen.

Choo to lobby for more facilities in Hougang
Published on May 20, 2012

The lack of covered linkways and drop-off points is a source of major inconvenience to Hougang residents and PAP candidate Desmond Choo intends to 'fight very hard' to secure these facilities for them.

Mr Choo, 34, said residents' feedback on the lack of such facilities struck a chord with him.

'If you walk the ground, you will find that a lot of residents are hampered by the fact that there are no linkways, no sheltered drop-off points, really insufficient coverage, causing inconvenience not only to the elderly but young families with kids. 'Try pushing a pram and carrying an umbrella at the same time. It is not easy,' he said.

Mr Choo is also lobbying for a new market to be built in Hougang Avenue 3, to replace the one torn down five years ago. On Saturday, he said he was waiting to hear from the Ministry of National Development on the matter.

The By-E in Funny Pictures!

Nothing like funny pictures purposely taken out of context to set the By-E mood.PAP naturally bore the brunt of the jokes since many in the online world just dislike the PAP. Who doesn't? LOL

 Where are you Desmond? Where?

Who said the media is always friendly to the PAP? I suspect that someone from CNA saw this as an opportunity to take a dig at Desmond. Unless someone was really stupid enough to upload it right away without understanding the very loud joke that picture tells, which is hard to believe. So thumbs up to that unknown media guy!

Then the funnier one is this, the "Desmond Choo ignored Ah Huat's handshake" photo spread by Occupy Singapore and TR, from TOC, and then exposed by the famous GE 2006 mee-pok seller Mr Brown as a Fail smear campaign.

Who Pwned Whom?

TOC was so embarrassed by being involved in the fail smear that they issued a statement that the photo by Chan Zhijian, Jeremy did not capture the true picture on the ground. Hmmmm BTW is Chan Zhijian, Jeremy a WP or opposition party member?  LOL

Ooops sorry regret statement

It was a good smear campaign while it lasted and it is part of the political MMA going on - if the referees doesn't call it, a hit below the belt is not a hit below the belt.  LOL BTW also, conspiracy theory disclaimer, were TOC and TR working together on it i.e. TOC selected and quietly handed that photo of Desmond Choo looking aloof and not wanting to shake hands supposedly, to TR? TR and TOC did have an agreement that stuff that TOC got might be shared with TR for TR to push further? LOL that is working together against the common foe.

TOC TRE ad hoc alliance for the common good against common you-know-who enemies LOL

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shhh Are Some Singaporens...Stupid?

Well most of us are stupid in some things, some can't drive, some can't cook, some can't read, some can't swim, but some are stupid in many things, more so than most of us.

Who are the most stupid are those who see the horrible tragic accident between the Ferrari and the Comfort cab as one solely of a foreigner killing a local. Many in the internet are stupid enough not to see that the accident is a result of an idiot who was probably getting head or getting stroked while driving his Italian horse and was distracted, drunk, or both, and killed the poor cab driver and his equally unlucky Japanese foreign talent passenger. Many are stomping on that idiot dead Ferrari driver because he is an 1) Ah Tiong 2) rich, in that order. There is this prevalent and growing fixation to attack the rich and foreigners as income disparity in Singapore widens and we blame the elite and foreigners for anything.

Come on. The deaths have little to do with the driver's nationality and everything to do with his horrific driving skills and state of mind right there. Was he drunk, sleepy, getting a hand job or a blow job while speeding?

If it was not a foreigner but a local female driver behind the Ferrari wheel, then the mob would blame the accident on gender stereotypes of female drivers. If it was a young adult male, the mob would blame him as an Ah Sia Kia. Rich kids killing blue-collar cabbies. The mob, however, could have been potentially angrier then now over Ma Chi - If the driver of the Ferrari missile was a young rich female ang moh foreign talent. All the age, socio-economic gender and nationality prejudices rolled into one.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Akan Datang HDB Farms Everywhere!

 Clementi Gothic - Just imagine a HDB farmer uncle and aunty with BLK 339 behind instead in the picture

Imagine that! HDB farm allowed after HDB farmers appealed! Oh Ah Chan had a farm, ee-arr eee-arrr ooooh.

Surprisingly, despite the law backing them, SLA decided to reach a compromise with the squatter farmers at Clementi, in the DIY farmland next to the canal. The state-squatter compromise is neither free or forever as there is a $60 rental per year and the farm can stay for another 3 years.

What happens after 3 years? Probably the land lease would go up and any infringement of the lease would be used as an excuse to kick the farmers out. The farmers are squatters - obvious to any taxpayer. Just coz state land is there and vacant, it is not a green light to start having green fingers there. Ahem. Just coz a girl sit down there with legs open, don't mean you take out your banana and plant your seed inside her. Must get her permission first. Not plant first then get permission later. LOL

Really, this SLA flexibility sets a precedent. Will wannabe farmers from Tampines (in the empty plots near Down Town East) to Telok Blangah (right at bottom of Mt Faber) decide to farm kangkong, bananas and papaya? If they do, you think SLA will allow? You can always try - take your SAF chungkol, and try planting a durian or a rambutan tree right downstairs the HDB block on a patch of grass next to the playground. Perhaps for a start to test whether neighbours sabo and report to SLA like what happened in Clementi, try planting pandan plants as easier.

So on one hand, SLA showed flexibility. People who benefited from this flexibility should be happy. Three cheers for SLA. On the other hand, SLA is going to show double standards soon when they ban other people from starting their own farms on state land. LOL cannot make anyone happy! Such is the comedy of government policy.

SINGAPORE: Clementi residents will soon have a community farm in their backyard.

The Singapore Land Authority said it's processing an application from the Bukit Timah Citizens Consultative Committee for a three-year Temporary Occupation Licence for a plot of State land at Clementi Avenue 4 for the farm.

The 1,250 square metre plot, previously occupied by illegal farmers, is where the community farm will be.

The land will be divided into 30 plots.

Eighteen individuals who had been working on the land had come forward to SLA before the April 3 deadline, and will now get a 32-square metre plot on which to grow their produce.

Priority for the other plots will be given to residents living in the area.

Users of the community farm will pay an annual maintenance fee of S$60 to defray costs.

Farmers will also get water supply and a temporary footpath will be constructed.

MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Sim Ann, who is also MP for the area, said: "Arising from feedback from the residents, we feel that this project can be integrated with a temporary footpath that links Block 305 all the way to the Ulu Pandan Park Connector, which is where many of our residents go for jogging and for walks. And I think this footpath, because it's integrated with the community garden, will also allow residents to access and to admire, the plants and the crops that the farmers are cultivating."

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Every Day Party vs Temasek Times - What Next?

 Temasek Times, the latest by idiots for idiot site in the internet this year

There is need for online regulation or at least cold war containment, especially on online idiots. No, I'm not talking about the usual legions of bigots in the internet or their mortal enemies who are just as bad, the thin-skinned jumpy puritans in the internet who think they are complaining about the bigots. I'm talking about tabloid FUD sites like Temasek Times. Temasek Times uncannily reminds me of the pre-outed-I-am-Richard-Wan Temasek Review Emeritus when the cheeky satirical Every Day Party went  toe-to-toe with Temasek Times over Temasek Times' assholeness.

TRE and TT (Temasek Times, not Tony Tan) have the similar foreigner whacking and sex sells tabloid style, and when backed into a corner, whined for vigilantism and police reports. WTF Almost as if the same person from the old TRE is also in the TT, or the people behind TT is shamelessly copying TRE's tabloid formula.

The fun bunch at EDP, and they should stand for GE next time like the Pirate Party in Europe, have done in style and in their stride by giving themselves hero medals for putting up with TT's trash. Stay tuned to see if TT is going to stamp around madly and fall into its self-created chasm like Rumplestiltskin.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Boring By-Election is (Finally) Here

While M Ravi and his woman puppet or proxy waiting for court to give expert legal advice on when a by-election for Hougang SMC is to be held according to the constitution, the government went ahead earlier to announce a by-election on 26 May. What would lawyer M Ravi and cleaner Vellama say proudly while eating prata supper to celebrate? They were the ones who pressured the PAP to call for a by-election! Yawn. Yeah, right, you win. Like a boss.

Is it a two-corner fight in the Teochew kampung? PAP Desmond Choo from PAP vs whoever WP wants to send into the ring? SDP and NSP have chickened out of this round. SDP said already they would not play but NSP wanted to hint earlier that they might. SPP and SDA might join in still, but they are the weakest. SPP could have stood a good chance as the 3rd party if not for the recent resignations of its stronger members. Hougang is seen as WP territory and nobody from another opposition party dares to go in and get a bad reputation from Singaporeans. However, in the name of democracy, why should WP hog, and PAP try to hog Hougang? Maybe the residents there want to choose someone else? From the PE, we voters can already get the sense that politics is more real and more representative if as many candidates as possible put their bets on the table.

Who else dares to go in if the other parties dare not? The independents might be the ones as they don't need to kowtow to a party secretary-general. However, who could it be. Tan Kian Lian was BBQed in the last PE and learnt his lesson. Andrew Kuan has been a no show for some time. Tan Cheng Bock also seemed quiet since August last year after his disappointing defeat. Only Tan Jee Say might be deluded enough to try it as he was so egoistically optimistic about his chances in 2011 and then became shocked over his defeat. He already set up shop in high rental Dhoby Ghaut - where he got his money from and why he must open up his political office in an elitist central area instead of a heartland is a mystery.

So one unknown is whether independents want to jump inside the pool. The other unknown is how big PAP's defeat would be.  Of course WP would win as this is a WP heartland being contested. Desmond Choo might be good, can speak better Teochew and prepare the best oh-ni to win over the Hougang uncles and aunties, but he would never be good enough for Hougang because he is White, and Hougang since 1991 likes light Blue. In May 2011, horny WP YSL gathered 64.8% and PAP snatched only 35.2%. If PAP gets more than 35.2% this time, it is a WP victory, but also symbolically, a PAP victory.

Monday, May 7, 2012

One Year After GE 2011, So What?

If only we can throw all the parliamentarians into the bin!

Last year, the opposition finally won a GRC since the GRC ploy was conceived in 1988. Since then, we placed lots of hope on the WP really shoving the PAP aside in parliament. There was some shoving, but more like the PAP shoving the new WP MPs and NCMPs around. There were accusations of plagiarism (Pritam Singh and Chen Show Mao) and unsubstantiated facts in speeches (Gerald Giam). PAP bullies! - The WP crowd would shout.However, that's life in politics, that's life in parliament. WP to their credit, took it standing up and did not cry like pussies. The experienced WP members Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim didn't face the problems their newer guys did. The worst WP fracas was actually outside parliament. Hougang slipped into a by-election mode because its horny new MP Yaw screwed around and got kicked out of WP and therefore lost his MP seat. WTF. Should we thank him for a by-election and another public holiday? Yes, unless you are a Hougang resident as it is just a waste of your time. Anyway, the new WP cadres in parliament are just not as smart as we hoped they are and I bet Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim are smacking their fellow MPs and NCMPs to shape them up to avoid another self-pwn that the PAP would take advantage of. One year on, WP still has promise but it is not up there yet. If they keep this shoddy performance up, they might lose their GRC in the next round.

The PAP are just as bad as usual. Vikram Nair is the curly haired bad boy and he can sure bite, making parliament interesting at the very least. His infamous comment that Chen Show Mao's welfare and empowerment of the needy was like a Nigerian scam promised to make parliament more exciting and biting.  However, the thin-skinned folks in the internet want PAP to play nice, especially with specky nice guy Chen Show Mao. Frankly I want to see Pritam Singh and Vikram Nair go head to head. Nothing like seeing stereotypical eloquent Indians fencing with each other and accusing each other of political swindling and scams. Politics without the bitching rhetoric is just boring! One year on, the PAP still prefers to belittle and intimidate whenever they can. Sure, they have not sued anyone yet for defamation, but that bullying style does not sit well with the pussy Singaporean crowd who think that politics is made up of nice sincere smiles and cute bunnies with floppy years. Bring on the knuckledusters! - I can hear old Harry whispering and lifting feebly his two fists into the air, boxing style.

One year after the GE and promise of good times ahead, the PAP is still doing a shit job of most things. The optimistic exception for the moment is housing as Khaw Boon Wan is cranking up supply with new flats etc and cooling demand with ABSD. Right on top of my complaint list, the MRT system is literally falling apart, and PAP is going to give bus companies a jab to improve the public transport system. I don't know whether the jab is in the arm is to boost the bus companies or a jab into the eyes of taxpayers.

That is the biggest fuckshitbrains PAP policy in the past 12 months. Transport is the main pain in the ass and don't get me foaming at mouth about COE yet, not foreigners, not healthcare with means testing, not the cost of new flats. The government is still not deregulating public transport and allowing the re-entry of small private (pirate-like) bus companies to compete and complement the existing MRT and bus systems. Instead, they want to use taxpayers money and hand it over to shareholders of SMRT and SBS, no doubt some of them are retail investors like some of us but so what it just does not make sense. IMHO, now that is the ultimate PAP-fuck-you-you-voted-for-us salute. They want to show they are doing something, but in the end it still stinks because they are doing a shitty job of it.