Monday, November 26, 2012

Go Sue TRS! Sue!

 From TRS' #1 Fan - Every Day Party!

The Real Singapore is in trouble again, again be happy! TRS has been posting shit for some time and it is about time it gets into shit itself. Again. Shit goes around! TRS is like the old Temasek Review, plagiarise and even post fake news, which is super weak. If they wanted to attract eyeballs and eventually ad money, just go for sex and sleaze. There is no need to fake and copy news, which is just the excuse the PAP wants to focus on in labeling any news sites out there as lacking credibility and sensationalist. BTW TRS is not the only one plagiarising - Temasek Times and Occupy Singapore do it too. Hey, is there one same person behind all these sites? LOL

Meanwhile, the former loaded surgeon turned loaded PAP minister was pissed with a recent TRS article on Mindef where TRS mixed plagiarism and fake news, a TRS first, or at least the first time TRS was found out. The defence minister has sent Davinder Singh, the PAP's elite lawyer-commando-sniper to take out TRS. TRS can't hide, can run and would only die tired.

TRS was recently kind enough to say Alex Tan and Yang Kaiheng are no longer in it. At least TRS has integrity to protect the innocent. Oh? Hmmmm or more like they are nervous that their charade is up and instead trying to pretend they not involved in it anymore? Everything sounds more and more like the old Temasek Review where the doctor insisted that he was no longer involved and had sold it off to someone else which he does not know. Sure. Whatever.

MF from TRS Exonerates Alex Tan! Steady or Do Thief Heart Fake?

Defence Minister to commence legal action against website
By Tessa Wong
The Straits Times
Sunday, Nov 25, 2012

SINGAPORE - Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen is taking legal action against sociopolitical website The Real Singapore (TRS), according to a posting by the website on its Facebook page.

On Friday morning, the website posted on its Facebook page a screenshot of an email sent by Dr Ng's lawyer, Mr Davinder Singh.

Mr Singh informed TRS that his client would be commencing legal proceedings and asked for the names and addresses of the administrators and editors of the TRS website and Facebook page.

TRS responded: "Sorry, your request does not comply with our privacy policy and is therefore rejected."

Earlier this week, TRS and another blog called SingaporeSurf were asked to take down a defamatory post about Dr Ng and publish an apology.

Both sites complied. However, in TRS' apology, additional comments were made. Readers were also allowed to post comments, some of whom left criticisms of Dr Ng and Mr Singh.

Mr Singh subsequently e-mailed TRS demanding them to take down the additional comments and post a second apology. TRS refused.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Compass for a Lost Party: PAP IB Pwned

People being pwned on the internet is fun and entertaining drama, sometimes even better than watching cable TV. The recent news of stupid teenage boys who were inconsiderate to a breastfeeding mum  is one example as they rudely refused to leave the nursing room in Woodlands library. Hardwarezone CSI lads very free and very civic-minded, incited the mob after the identities of those 2 teens were dug up. Shame shame. The other exciting drama is a PAP IB group being exposed by the Shame blog!

Those in the PAP IB Facebook group must have been squirming like they were constipated and had a vibrating dildo up their ass when they discovered they were pwned by one of their own. Looking at the way the shit hit the fan for this PAP IB Facebook group, Compass, fingers are pointing at Bryan Ti as the main whistle-blower, a most unlikely character as he is the textbook PAP IB! Plot twists and sabo!

Unless all this time Bryan Ti was a 5th column opponent who pretended to be pro-PAP to get inside the inner circle of PAP trust! Makes me feel bad that we doubted his true loyalty for the past years if that was the case. Like Tony Leung's character in Infernal Affairs. Which makes sense if you look at it as some opposition are already smart enough to pretend to be so blindly pro-PAP that it makes these "supporters" and PAP look bad.  With such blind and support from PAP "supporters", "friends" worse than enemies. So complicated on who is real and who is bluff since PAP, WP, SDP and NSP all have their IB.

The IB of WP, SDP and NSP now also must be cleaning house and panicking about whether they would be exposed and pwned next. LOL

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hangman Shan Alone on the Mountain on Death Penalty!

I think Mr Shan the Law and Foreign Affairs minister is dumb to say that the death penalty is a deterrence in the war on drugs. This kind of comment how to defend or quantify? He was a former lawyer some more. This type of comment is as dumb as those lefty softy wussies who say the death penalty is NOT a deterrence in crime. Facepalm.

The death penalty should not be mandatory for drug cases. That one I support Mr Shan all the way up to the mountain and down again. The death penalty should be kept still despite all the whining about death penalty is so barbaric. This one I also support Shan-Shan. However, whether the death penalty is deterrence or not depends. In fact, whether the death penalty is a deterrence, it is sure a question of extent and not yes-no. The death penalty should be approached as more accurately retribution in the justice system, and horrible punishment for horrible crime, not deterrence.

Drug cases should not be 100% capital punishment - it depends on the facts. If it is a drug lord monkey, gallows as retribution would get XXX votes like in America's Got Talent - you think Simon Cowell would vote against death penalty? You want to give these Golden Triangle criminals another chance? If it is poor drug donkey, ok can skip the gallows if there are pitiful circumstances like if the person don't carry drugs to pay off his housing and gambling debts, his younger brother, sister and golden retriever would be forced into prostitution and make XXX movies. Similarly, in murder cases where there is cold calculation like those psychos in the TV show Criminal Minds, to the gallows! In berserk killing rage between lovers, then gallows might not be just retribution.

Nothing can stop those from doing heinous crime if they are so desperate or diabolical. Tough laws and punishments just make some criminals very careful about being caught, rather than frighten them away from crime. Still, cannot deny that tough laws scare people. If there is a law that says if we don't use a parking coupon in URA car parks, and  instead of getting fine, LTA chops off our hands, I will definitely put a parking coupon when I eat prata at Casuarina! Why risk my hand? But the real point of law is not about making would-be offenders in drugs, murder or theft scared or not, it is about punishing them justly or not. Ergo, eating prata, no parking coupon and hand-chopping.

So Shan should screw that rhetoric about capital punishment deterring people and a thumbs up for the war on drugs, and stick to "Keep death penalty still for certain crimes but not mandatory, song boh".

SINGAPORE - The mandatory death penalty will not be imposed for all murder cases , under amendments to the Penal Code which were passed in Parliament today. Where the killing is not intentional, the court will now be able to decide if the accused should be given the death sentence or life imprisonment. All existing cases, if eligible, will be considered for re-sentencing under the new law.

Opposition Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC Sylvia Lim asked if the mandatory death penalty should apply even when there was an intention to kill. As an example, she highlighted the difference between a hired contract killer and an accused who was unable to get over a serious, long-time betrayal of a marriage partner.

Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam responded: "But the fact is even in the latter situation, it is deliberate, cold-blooded, intentional killing. Because if it is not cold-blooded and intentional, if it is on the spur on moment, there is a defence, Ms Lim knows that - if there is provocation. There are other defences as well, self-defence, provocation."

Take away death penalty and weaken war against drugs: Shanmugam
Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012

SINGAPORE - Capital punishment has worked to deter drug traffickers from Singapore and should be used as a continuing punishment for drug offenders here, Law Minister K. Shanmugam said in Parliament on Wednesday.

Mr Shanmugam said that fear of hanging has kept drug offenders at bay and drug prices high.

The number of drug abusers caught in Singapore has also fallen since the 1990s, he said.

The Minister was speaking in response to questions posed by 16 MPs on amendments made to the Misuse of Drugs Act.

A Bill on changes to be made to the act states that the death penalty will no longer apply if two "specific, tightly-defined conditions" are met.

To those MPs who asked that judges be given even more discretion in death penalty cases, Mr Shanmugam warned that the death sentence could be abolished in practice, if judges are given more discretion in death penalty cases.

He also asked if Singapore was ready to accept the risks of weakening the death penalty.

Mr Shanmugam added that the "substantial assistance" condition, which allows offenders to avoid the death penalty upon cooperation with investigators, is needed to help authorities nab the real masterminds of drug syndicates.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vellama and Ravi Lose Case, Yet Win, Donation Where

Playback - cuckoo lawyer M Ravi instigated Mdm Vellama to take on a court case against PAP that a Hougang by-election should be held within 3 months after WP Hougang MP Yaw bugged out. Mdm Vellama, a Hougang resident, is a part-time cleaner and face it, is not the shrewdest political watcher around and she was just Ravi's puppet. A Hougang resident taxi driver or a Hougang kopitiam Tiger-drinking ah pek is more apt as a political pundit than Mdm Vellama.

The court squashed Ravi and Mdm Vellama's case as expected as the constitution is explicit that there is no fixed by-election deadline which means the PM can drag it out to a time which suits his political playbook. We all then know that Ravi and Mdm Vellama are proper fucked, as AGC wanted to make them foot the legal bill. Losers in court cases usually get it back and front. Lose never mind, still must pay bills for the winning party as well.

However, what was unexpected and good for a relieved Mdm Vellama, the court and all citizens is that Justice Phillip Pillai ruled that she need not pick up the tab of $10,000. Pillai said, "where a matter raises a legal question of genuine public concern, it may be inappropriate to make a cost order against the applicant even where the judicial review is unsuccessful". Three cheers for Pillai!

This Pillai fella is clever and shows how the judiciary can really be independent and does flex its independence. On one hand he backed the reading of the constitution and made sure mad Ravi did not anyhow hantam for political credits (BTW WP smartly did not want to be dragged into this court case and was this Ravi's attempt to be in WP's good books), and eventually on the other hand made a point that Ravi and Mdm Vellama should not be screwed by the government. Pillai walked the fine line between political interpretation and constitution reading, public interest and party influence. Three cheers for the judiciary in setting this precedent, and I'm waiting for the next case where ordinary citizens can take the government to court and not pay the bill if they lose.

BTW what happens to the donated money to share Mdm Vellama's legal costs she was anticipated to pay to AGC? There was a public donation drive before. She and Ravi take the money celebrate their victory eat fish head curry and buy loads of sari? Deepavali coming! LOL

Thursday, November 1, 2012

NUS Disciplinary Board Bukkake on Alvin Tan

OK by talking cock about him, it only feeds his wanton desire for attention and publicity. He probably gets a woody every time he thinks people Google for his videos of him doing his gal or talks about his brazen sexcapades. But I can't help it. I have to say something especially since now Alvin Tan says he wants to cum back to NUS and study. I thought he earlier defiantly said he was going to screw NUS law school and dismissed with stoic bravado he doesn't need it as he was doing his own business? Err OK

I'm not a legs-shut-tight prude. If he wants to do his girlfriend and allow her to show her frightful-looking pussy to the world in photos and videos in the internet, so be it lor. I support amateur videos, so gotta give them credit for courage and confidence. OK the cynics would say it is instead stupidity and delusions. Anyway, weirdo Alvin should have realised the storm coming once his sex story would be out eventually.

And it was not a video in a handphone stolen by a jealous guy or lesbo gal who wanted to do Vivian but lost to Alvin. Neither was it that Alvin brought his PC for repair and the shop found the video and a community-spirited sharing-is-caring staff uploaded into the internet. He and Vivian did it - both sex and uploaded it themselves. Cum to think of it, they really did themselves in.

So how would NUS react this time. Sun Xu the Tiong MOE scholar was fined $3,000 and sentenced to 3 months community service for his Singaporeans=dogs comment. So for his so-called crime of sexing up NUS law school like Darinne Ko and Rumpole Teh Tsun Hang did, would NUS suspend Alvin Tan for 1 year as he brought disrepute to NUS, long enough to make people forget, and for him to decide to go to another university instead. That might be the best strategy for NUS - manage him out, not expel him outright.